When should I arrive at the port of departure?

We recommend you arrive about 15 minutes before departure.

Where can I park my car at the port of departure?

Ihana’s home port Laitakari (Laitakarintie 345, Luvia) has good parking facilities by the harbour. However, please be sure not to block access to the Luvia fire brigade’s lifeboat (marked with booms and warning lines).

Do I need to bring a ticket with me to a public cruise?

You do not need to bring a printed ticket. Providing the name under which the booking was made as you arrive will suffice.

If you have a gift card, please bring it with you on the cruise.

What should I wear for the cruise?

We recommend bringing warm clothing for the cruise. Even on warm days, it can be cooler at sea. Comfortable clothing is encouraged; leave your high heels and neckties at home.

In case of rain, the ship has waterproof jackets and pants that you can borrow.

Will the cruise still be held even if it rains?

Yes, the cruise will still be held even in the case of rain. The cruise will only be cancelled in cases of stormy weather with a wind speed of more than 15 m/s. Such cancellations will be notified to the participants in person.

Does the ship have a liquor license?

We do not have a license to serve alcohol on board, so you can bring your own alcoholic beverages.

Can I buy something from the ship?

Ihana has a small souvenir shop. You can also buy soft drinks, sweets, etc., from the ship's kitchen. We recommend bringing a small amount of cash for this purpose, as the ship does not accept debit card payments.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you!

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