Galeas Ihana welcomes you aboard!

Galeas Ihana is a magnificent masterpiece of shipbuilding in Satakunta. The sailing ship was completed in 2011. Its home port is in Laitakari, Luvia.

Come, see and experience an old-time atmosphere on an authentic, traditional sailing ship, galeas Ihana!

A day of sailing in the middle or at the end of a hectic work week is a refreshing experience. The relaxed and invigorating sailing atmosphere will help you to wind down and take your mind off everyday life. As soon as you leave from the pier, all your troubles and worries will be left behind.

During the sail, you will be a part of the crew, and you can participate in the raising and lowering of the sails under the guidance of the ship’s trained crew. On the ship, we're all pulling on the same rope. You will also have the opportunity to steer the ship under the supervision of the captain, and the bravest can put on a climbing harness and climb up the mast to admire the beautiful archipelago of the Sea of Bothnia from a height of 23 metres as the ship quietly sails towards its destination…Or you can just relax on the deck and enjoy the fresh sea breeze.

The trip is topped off with a tasty salmon soup or a buffet with a variety of fish.
Gather a group and come and enjoy a relaxing and invigorating sea voyage in the beautiful archipelago of the Bothnian Sea. A team day on a sailing ship is a great way to spend time together.

Location of Ihana’s home port

Ihana cruises

Come and enjoy the lively maritime spirit, the magnificent archipelago of Luvia, the smell of tar and the atmosphere of an authentic wooden sailing ship.

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Hop on board and enjoy a day sailing on the galeas Ihana

The smell of tar, refreshing sea breeze, the flapping of the sails, foam-crested waves, the creaking of a wooden ship, a distant horizon, detaching yourself from time and space. That’s what sailing is at its best. When you leave, you are already where you want to be.

Experience the relaxed breeze of the Sea of Bothnia